Reliable Website & Email Hosting

We host all of our websites on our UK-based servers, this enables us to troubleshoot any issues that arise and perform regular maintenance, leaving you in safe hands.

Here’s what to expect from our reliable Website Hosting…

SSD Storage

Solid State Drive (SSD) storage contains no moving parts, allowing for quick and easy access.

UK-based Servers

Our servers are based in the UK, promoting fast loading speeds and a smooth user experience.

Optimised for WordPress

Each website will be hosted on a server that is optimised to work with WordPress and any other integration you wish to load.

Dedicated Support

You’ll never be left in the dark, you can contact us through email or our landline.

Why Choose Us?

What happens behind the scenes is just as important than the pretty visuals you see on the front.

Having a well-structured, comprehensive, and fully managed hosting package enables us to maintain your website with ease, promoting fast loading speeds and reliability.

And we are a local company based in the Fareham Innovation Centre, that you can arrange to visit at any suitable time to discuss concerns, ideas or future plans.

How We Work



All of our website projects start with a kickoff meeting, allowing us to touch base and really get a core understanding of your business and the type of website you’re looking to have.



This is where we condense everything we spoke about in step 1 into a comprehensive proposal that includes all of the work we are going to carry out, integrations and all associated costs.



We aim to get your new website live as soon as possible, but never at the cost of quality. Your web presence needs to thrive. Once you’re happy with the look, feel and function of your website, then we are golden to go!

Helping Tomorrow, Start today

Book a 30 minute Web Strategy Consultation

We offer a complimentary, quick-and-easy consultation service that will allow us to iron out any creases and put any and all concerns you may have to rest.

Remember, no question is a stupid question, especially when it comes to web design.

One of the largest hurdles as a business owner is not knowing where to start, and that’s why the team at Hampshire Web Design are committed to co-operating with startups, small businesses and sole traders to overcome this obstacle.

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