A bit about us…

We are a team of dedicated, UK-based web designers and graphic designers. All of our website work and graphics production is conducted in-house, we do not outsource.

In 2023 it is more important than ever to establish your online presence. More and more people are transitioning from using telephone directories to online resources such as Google, Yell.com, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, as they are easy to use, user-friendly, and can be accessed from anywhere.

As a small business/startup, time is a precious commodity and needs to be spent wisely, that is why we are here. We build your website so you can focus on the task at hand with maximum efficiency.

Portrait image of Nigel Williams, wearing a black & grey top, the Managing Director

Nigel Williams

Managing Director (UX & Web Designer)

Nigel has been engaged for his whole career spanning over 32 years supporting / designing and improving UX (User Experience) whether it be unified communication system, contact centre design and now with Website & Social Media Planning & Design.

Nigel will be very hands on with any project and works very closely with both Frankie and Thomas to refine any design work to ensure the customers’ goals are met with the best possible design.

Nigel also runs and managed Hampshire Based computer repair company Solent Way Computers

Image of the official Hampshire Web Design Logo

Esther Williams

Office Manager

Esther keeps us all engaged in our endeavours and ensures a smooth and steady workflow. Her role is much more than just an office manager, she is responsible for managing structure, checking potential conflicts and maintaining employee morale, all of these combined helps to keep the business up ‘n’ running!

Portrait image of Frankie Haynes in a black knitted jumper, our website developer

Frankie West

Web Developer / Designer

Frankie has been with Hampshire Web Design since 2020 and will be engaged on any website or social media project we engage on. Frankie has a real eye for generating engaging and visually stunning content and when he’s not working on a customer project, he’s busy in the background generating demo sites…

Frankie is also studying for his Honors Degree in Computer Studies with the open university and generally always has his head in some kind of design book or Google UX design course of one kind or another.

Thomas Williams

UI & Web Designer

Thomas is the newest member of our team starting with us back in November 2021 after completing his A levels ace’ing his product design courses. Thomas has an amazing ability to put together UI mockups, live website designs, and even takes part in the build and creation phase.

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