Welcome to The Coffee Shop

Make yourself at home, whether you’re a morning person, Instagram Photographer, on a date, a stressed student, a regular, a hipster, a tourist or anyone else, you are welcome at our coffee shop.

Delectable Hot & Cold Beverages

We call ourselves “The Coffee Shop” but we don’t just serve coffee, that would be beyond boring. Our menu contains a plethora of coffees, teas, smoothies and ice-cold frappes for you to enjoy on a summer day… or an autumn lunch, or a winter morning, whatever tickles your fancy.

Alcoholic beverages are not sold at our establishment, we are a cafe after all, not a pub.

Don’t take our word for it, read reviews from our happy customers!



A great cafe knows how to bring its community together, and The Coffee Shop has done exactly that. It has taken over as my new regular cafe (sorry Costa), and it also means I can support locals. Ever since I switched to this cafe, I have made plenty of new friends, including the servers and baristas.

Melissa Rodriguez

The Coffee Shop is in the perfect location. Their Click & Collect system makes my life so much easier and means I don’t have to wait in line when I’m in a rush, I simply order on a specific date, at a specific time slot and my beverage is ready to go in a takeaway cup. To anyone looking to order, do it online as they can get busy (as they are the best).



David Williams

The Coffee Shop is my study haven, all of the servers and baristas are so nice and I can study without distraction. And of course, their lattes keep me going.

Joshua Miller

Me and coffee are like water and oil, simply do not mix. But, their new special Matcha smoothie was to die for. It felt like I was drinking the most delicious, ice-cold, creamy green tea.

John Benale

Always impressed with the Frappes. 5/5!!

Jenny Smart

Tried out the special tea today, and will never go back. Unfortunately, I will have to go back as it is a limited special but hope to see it again in the future. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Nevaeh Jenson