EAL Logistics

Website Design
Full Build


EAL Logistics specialises in permits and escort vehicles for abnormal load haulage. We worked with them to create a single-page website with a built-in contact form and fully SEO audited to attract users and lead to better search results on Google!

We built a single-page website for EAL Logistics that includes an ‘About’ section, and a few other sections that depict their services. Then at the bottom of the page will be the contact form that users can use to contact EAL Logistics directly. In the header and footer, we included the company contact details and also added direct links so that users don’t have to copy and paste, the link will call/email them directly.

The page design starts off with a full-screen image, title and description with a downwards chevron that appears with delay, letting the user know there’s more content below, this works properly on desktop, mobile and tablets. All content below and before the contact form sees a colour alternation between white and light grey, to inform the user that each section is different.

The header uses a simple yet effective structure, with the logo at the left and the page menu going from left to right to inform the user of the section order before they’ve even begun to look. Above the header is the top area that holds the Privacy and Cookie Statement, and phone and email details.

The footer (bottom of the website) holds all other company information, such as copyright information, a navigation menu, location/contact information, and relevant keywords below that will be indexed by the Google search engine.

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